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July 01, 2006

For Immediate Release

Animabilis Software Releases Aurora Password Manager 1.5

Aurora Password Manager: solution for both individual and corporate users 

Animabilis Software, an expert in security technologies, announces the release of version 1.5 of Aurora Password Manager. This password management solution functions as a single protected storage for all your passwords and other sensitive data such as credit card numbers, PIN-codes etc.  

Aurora Password Manager can be used by both individual and corporate users. It supports network access, simultaneous use by several users and user privilege management. An Aurora Password Manager password file is a full-featured database that supports SQL, tables, locking and fast data search. 

Aurora Password Manager provides the full set of features you would expect from a modern password manager, including secure password storage, password generator, customizable user interface and automatic form filler. The advanced features are SuperPaste™, automatic backup, Internet Explorer toolbar and the ability to run from removable storage devices such as USB flash drives. Aurora Password Manager can be run in either Simple mode (easy to use and provides access to basic features) or Advanced mode (improved security, all features including user privilege management are available). 

The database that is used to keep passwords is encrypted with the 256-bit AES algorithm, which has been approved by U.S. Department of Defense and is used by military and governmental institutions. In present, this encryption cannot be broken within a reasonable amount of time. 

The SuperPaste™ technology allows for automatic filling of arbitrarily complex multi-window application or web forms, by emulating key presses that user generates when filling the form manually. Unlike the form filling techniques currently used by the industry, SuperPaste™ supports any forms regardless of their style and complexity.

The user interface of Aurora Password Manager can be customized on a per-user basis. User interface preferences are stored in the database and are applied regardless of what computer was used to log on to the database. Besides interface preferences, user bookmarks are also stored that simplify access to frequently used database items. 

Another feature, useful for both users and system administrators is automatic data backup. Aurora Password can automatically backup the password database, thus ensuring the users against data loss.  

Aurora Password Manager need not be installed on the hard drive to work. The password database and the application itself can be stored on a removable storage device such as a USB Flash card, and run without installation. 

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